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  • I highly recommend her to anyone in need of PT services!

    I came to Dr. Laura after receiving PT services inpatient at rehab and at home. When I started therapy with Dr. Laura I had numerous complaints following bilateral hip replacements and bilateral shoulder injuries. I had pain upon walking which no prior PT seemed able to resolve. Dr. Laura listended carefully to my complaints and then addressed my many problems one by one. In each instance she explained what she thought was wrong adnw hat her plan would be to deal with it. She also reviewed my previous home exercises ad explained as well as eliminated the ones that she felt were inappropriate for my condition. Within a month my gait had significantly improved and I was walking with very little or no pain. She and her staff have followed through with additional specific treatment and home exercises as my clinical presentation has changed. I consider Dr. Laura to be very a knowledgeable and skilled diagnostician who consistently reassesses my needs at the start of each session. We work as a team here!

    Ruth Richman

  • I would definitely recommend this office to anyone in need of physical therapy!

    I consider myself very lucky to have chosen East Coast Physical Therapy and Wellness Center for my therapy. Dr. Haughie was able to diagnose my hip and back problem, and relieve my pain in a remarkably short time. Through her tailored exercises and techniques, I am pain free! Dr. Haughie and her staff made my recovery from a painful situation into a pleasant experience and I sincerely thank them.

    Robert M.

  • After six weeks with Dr. Laura she is pain-free and able lift her arm and move it freely, avoiding surgery! Dr. Laura Haughie is a truly amazing physical therapist.

    Dr. Laura Haughie is an outstanding physical therapist. She has helped me tremendously where others have failed. Several years ago I had a back issue. I saw several doctors in New York as well as Miami. I saw orthopedists, physiatrists, neurologists and physical therapists. I received steroid injections and tried pain killers.I was in pain and it was very difficult to walk and get around when I was recommended to Dr Haughie. She was amazing. Her knowledge of body and her diligent one on one work with me, (unlike other physical therapists who put you on machines while they work with someone else), made a tremendous difference. I started to feel better after several weeks and now years later I still do her recommended exercises and see her if I have any orthopedic issue. I am comfortable and can walk 2 or 3 miles without problem. I have recommended her to friends and acquaintances and all are very grateful. Rotator cuff surgery was recommended to one of my friends by her orthopedist. After six weeks with Dr. Laura she is pain-free and able lift her arm and move it freely, avoiding surgery. Dr. Laura Haughie is a truly amazing physical therapist.

    Elizabeth Bryant

    Elizabeth B.

  • Dr. Laura and her staff can help anybody who crosses their path!

    I’ve seen Dr. Laura multiple times now, and she never fails to provide me with the best care and I always see the best results. She has not only helped me recover from my torn rotator cuffs and regain my strength, but she has taught me several different exercises and things to do to make me more active outside of therapy. Dr. Laura and her staff are both very professional and kind, and can help anybody who crosses their path.


  • Nowhere compares to the quality of care given from Dr. Laura & staff!

    I’ve received treatment from Dr. Laura Haughie 4 times now, and I will never cease to be amazed at her knowledge in physical therapy and the compassion that she has for her patients. She has treated me for a broken shoulder, spinal stenosis, and 2 knee surgeries, all of which have been treated effectively and allowed me to go about my life with no pain! Her and her staff only use the best methods of treatment and will always devote their full attention to the patient, which is a rare find here in South Florida. I’ve gone to many other places for physical therapy, but nowhere will compare to the quality of care given by Dr. Laura Haughie and her staff. Anyone who needs physical therapy and is looking for the best should come see this woman!


  • Within 3 sessions I had tremendous results!

    I was injured in 2009 at work. I did 8 months of physical therapy on my back and ankle at a different facility. I made no progress there. I suffered through nearly 9 years of back and ankle pain until recently, when I went to my family doctor for advice on whether or not to get an opinion on back surgery. She suggested trying physical therapy again first. I searched online for PT’s, and was fortunate enough to choose Dr. Laura. Within 3 sessions I had tremendous results; she said that the therapy I had received 8+ years ago was actually making my condition worse. Using her suggestions and seeing her in her office 3 times per week for 5 weeks has left me with no (zero!) nerve pain in my back. She has since started therapy on my ankle, and after 2 weeks there is already marked improvement. I would recommend this office to anyone who has any kind of problem which would benefit from physical therapy. I am so thankful that I stumbled upon this wonderful lady.


  • My wife and I have been a patient for over 15 years. We have found Laura to not only be professionally excellent but a person who is very trustworthy, conscientious and dedicated.


  • Even my doctor was impressed with my results!

    I injured my shoulder about one year ago and ended up with a frozen shoulder. I visited several doctors and one of the last ones had recommended surgery to my problem. However I went to one last doctor who is a top shoulder specialist.

    His recommendation was that I undergo aggressive physical therapy. He said I would have a 95% chance of getting better without surgery if I could find the right physical therapist.

    After trying unsuccessfully in New York I was coming to Florida and found you. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with your professionalism, dedication, caring and knowledge. On a recent trip back to New York, when I visited my doctor, even he was impressed with the results and your professional report. He took your name to give to his patients many of whom come to Florida for the winter. I am almost finished with my treatment and I want to thank you. The results have been far beyond what I hoped for. I have recommended several patients to you, who can’t stop thanking me. You are a very special person who really cares for her patients and who stand way above all other therapists with whom I have had contact.


  • I have known Laura Haughie for a couple of years. She is a trustworthy and honest person. She devotes her life and energies to rehabilitating her clients and making them well again. She is a great physical therapist who has the education and experience to treat patients in Florida. Any endeavor in life she pursues would be an asset to her community and patients.


  • I feel very fortunate to have found her!

    I had a cervical laminectomy in March and spent ten days post surgery in a Rehab Unit. Upon discharge I was told to continue with a physical therapist when we returned to Florida. I have been going to Laura Haughie and I feel very fortunate to have found her! My husband and I are both impressed with her knowledge and ability.


  • Her evidence based treatment interventions led to rapid recovery and optimum function!

    I would like to thank Laura Haughie for her excellent care of my physical therapy problems. Laura Haughie provided only evidence based treatment interventions which led to rapid recovery and optimum function.

    Laura Haughie displayed the highest regard for patient care, compassion and professionalism. The treatment was one on one and always provided by Dr. Laura Haughie.

    I would recommend any one in need to treatment of physical therapy to consult and receive treatment with Dr. Laura Haughie.


  • Dr. Laura adds comfort in an otherwise unsettling situation!

    I had the fortunate good luck to become Laura Haughie’s patient on a recent trip to Florida. My first introduction to her was by phone and that set the stage for my decision to go to her for treatment.

    Background: I had an automobile accident which necessitated doctor and physical therapy visits in Connecticut. Recovery has been slow and coupled with a doctor whose demeanor had been less than supportive brought about my visit to Florida. One in Florida I realized I needed additional physical for my lower back, leg and foot pain.

    On my first visit Laura accessed my abilities and clearly saw some problems that needed addressing. Further, she promoted certain exercises to enhance my mobility and reduce pain/discomfort. Additionally, Laura continues to explain my progress on a per visit basis and has made suggestions for continued care upon my return to Connecticut. Of note, the course of physical therapy altered under her expert advice.

    Laura is one of those rare people you may meet in your life that adds comfort in an otherwise unsettling situation. Her personality and that of her staff’s is warm, caring and dedicated. She is a tenacious individual (as evidenced in her attempt to obtain a local neurologist for me), true professional and a master in the science of physical therapy. If I was to guess at her business prowess, I’d venture to say that she has the ability to grow her business into one of Florida’s best therapy centers.

    Needless to say, I regret that I must return to Connecticut soon because it’s difficult to give up the best. The benchmark has been set and I will measure everyone else against her abilities.


  • Thanks for giving so much of your valuable time!

    Thanks for giving so much of your valuable time to evaluate my “leg” situation. Mom and Missy are very fortunate to have your for their P.T.


  • Although some of these therapists did the best they could and their service was good, none could hold a candle to you, Laura.

    I just wanted to write and let you know my feeling about the quality of your physical therapy service.

    As you know, in the past you have treated me for my back, lower back, neck and left hand.  Although my health has continued to decline due to my Parkinsonism, I have noticed a gradual improvement particularly in my left hand while under your care.

    In December, I was admitted to a hospital and subsequently to a rehabilitation center.  At that time I was forced to enlist the services of other therapists.  Following this I injured my lower spine in a fall and was confined to home health care.

    Although some of these therapists did the best they could and their service was good, none could hold a candle to you, Laura.

    What I especially appreciated was your very professional approach to each of the ailment areas.  Also you undying determination to restore your patients to the health they formally enjoyed.

    I thank you for the service you’ve given me, I appreciate it and I will never fail to recommend you to any one requiring physical therapy.