I had the fortunate good luck to become Laura Haughie’s patient on a recent trip to Florida. My first introduction to her was by phone and that set the stage for my decision to go to her for treatment.

Background: I had an automobile accident which necessitated doctor and physical therapy visits in Connecticut. Recovery has been slow and coupled with a doctor whose demeanor had been less than supportive brought about my visit to Florida. One in Florida I realized I needed additional physical for my lower back, leg and foot pain.

On my first visit Laura accessed my abilities and clearly saw some problems that needed addressing. Further, she promoted certain exercises to enhance my mobility and reduce pain/discomfort. Additionally, Laura continues to explain my progress on a per visit basis and has made suggestions for continued care upon my return to Connecticut. Of note, the course of physical therapy altered under her expert advice.

Laura is one of those rare people you may meet in your life that adds comfort in an otherwise unsettling situation. Her personality and that of her staff’s is warm, caring and dedicated. She is a tenacious individual (as evidenced in her attempt to obtain a local neurologist for me), true professional and a master in the science of physical therapy. If I was to guess at her business prowess, I’d venture to say that she has the ability to grow her business into one of Florida’s best therapy centers.

Needless to say, I regret that I must return to Connecticut soon because it’s difficult to give up the best. The benchmark has been set and I will measure everyone else against her abilities.