I injured my shoulder about one year ago and ended up with a frozen shoulder. I visited several doctors and one of the last ones had recommended surgery to my problem. However I went to one last doctor who is a top shoulder specialist.

His recommendation was that I undergo aggressive physical therapy. He said I would have a 95% chance of getting better without surgery if I could find the right physical therapist.

After trying unsuccessfully in New York I was coming to Florida and found you. I can’t tell you how impressed I was with your professionalism, dedication, caring and knowledge. On a recent trip back to New York, when I visited my doctor, even he was impressed with the results and your professional report. He took your name to give to his patients many of whom come to Florida for the winter. I am almost finished with my treatment and I want to thank you. The results have been far beyond what I hoped for. I have recommended several patients to you, who can’t stop thanking me. You are a very special person who really cares for her patients and who stand way above all other therapists with whom I have had contact.