Elizabeth B.

Dr. Laura Haughie is an outstanding physical therapist. She has helped me tremendously where others have failed. Several years ago I had a back issue. I saw several doctors in New York as well as Miami. I saw orthopedists, physiatrists, neurologists and physical therapists. I received steroid injections and tried pain killers.I was in pain and it was very difficult to walk and get around when I was recommended to Dr Haughie. She was amazing. Her knowledge of body and her diligent one on one work with me, (unlike other physical therapists who put you on machines while they work with someone else), made a tremendous difference. I started to feel better after several weeks and now years later I still do her recommended exercises and see her if I have any orthopedic issue. I am comfortable and can walk 2 or 3 miles without problem. I have recommended her to friends and acquaintances and all are very grateful. Rotator cuff surgery was recommended to one of my friends by her orthopedist. After six weeks with Dr. Laura she is pain-free and able lift her arm and move it freely, avoiding surgery. Dr. Laura Haughie is a truly amazing physical therapist.

Elizabeth Bryant