I just wanted to write and let you know my feeling about the quality of your physical therapy service.

As you know, in the past you have treated me for my back, lower back, neck and left hand.  Although my health has continued to decline due to my Parkinsonism, I have noticed a gradual improvement particularly in my left hand while under your care.

In December, I was admitted to a hospital and subsequently to a rehabilitation center.  At that time I was forced to enlist the services of other therapists.  Following this I injured my lower spine in a fall and was confined to home health care.

Although some of these therapists did the best they could and their service was good, none could hold a candle to you, Laura.

What I especially appreciated was your very professional approach to each of the ailment areas.  Also you undying determination to restore your patients to the health they formally enjoyed.

I thank you for the service you’ve given me, I appreciate it and I will never fail to recommend you to any one requiring physical therapy.