Ruth Richman

I came to Dr. Laura after receiving PT services inpatient at rehab and at home. When I started therapy with Dr. Laura I had numerous complaints following bilateral hip replacements and bilateral shoulder injuries. I had pain upon walking which no prior PT seemed able to resolve. Dr. Laura listended carefully to my complaints and then addressed my many problems one by one. In each instance she explained what she thought was wrong adnw hat her plan would be to deal with it. She also reviewed my previous home exercises ad explained as well as eliminated the ones that she felt were inappropriate for my condition. Within a month my gait had significantly improved and I was walking with very little or no pain. She and her staff have followed through with additional specific treatment and home exercises as my clinical presentation has changed. I consider Dr. Laura to be very a knowledgeable and skilled diagnostician who consistently reassesses my needs at the start of each session. We work as a team here!